Application Fields and Innovative Services

Thanks to its longtime experience and the continuous improvement of his products, the Group has been able to optimize his machinery park and to create two separate and well- organized departments: one for straight-cut bevel gears and the other one for cylindrical toothing.
The two departments realize the following products: straight- cut bevel gears, cylindrical gears and splined shafts for any kind of application.
Montek S.r.l. responds to wishes and special requests of its customers all over Europe and realizes
their projects and drawings.
Maximum customer satisfaction and an optimal service are a priority for Montek. In addition, to the gear- cutting department, a finishing department was set up for deburring and marking of the gears. Manual and newest robotized gear units made this operation.

High quality tests and inspections

Another service, which is highly appreciated by customers of Montek S.r.l., is the final inspection. On this way, the realization and delivery of a perfect avant-garde product in every aspect is guaranteed.
Montek S.r.l. works for the top quality of its products. For that reason, each workpiece is individually controlled during the toothing process and every detail will be analyzed. Both the cylindrical toothing area and the straight- cut bevel gear department are equipped with two different test units, which are provided with all measuring instruments required for the control of the product quality. You will find the following testers in our machinery:

  • Gleason Tester for verifying coupling/ engagement – contacts of the straight- cut bevel gear couples
  • One of the most recent Gleason three dimensional gear inspection machine for checking all types of tooth profiles: spur and bevel gears, splined shafts and crown wheels with internal epicycle gears.

Montek Srl

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P. IVA IT00548161207

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