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At the beginning of the eighties, the brothers Bencivenni founded Montek S.r.l. near Bologna.
The company presents itself on the market as a reliable and ambitious firm, which is specialized in the manufacture of bevel and spur gear units.
Montek S.r.l. is the result of a small mechanical workshop; over the years, the Group has developed into a consolidated company, on the one hand, thanks through commercial and productive growth and, on the other hand, thanks through technological development.
Today, Montek S.r.l has a leading position in the production and supply of gears throughout the whole region of Emilia Romagna.
Thanks to its longtime experience, Montek S.r.l always finds the right balance between price and quality. Reliable products, manufacture in accordance with individual requirements of its customers, highly qualified personnel and an optimal customer service are the key for a successful development of Montek S.r.l..

The perfect combination of technology and


The commitment to satisfy current market requirements as well as to endure all customer demands are important impulses to improve the offered services and to make considerable investments in new mechanical solutions. Montek Srl has a principal aim in view: improvement and acceleration of its own production phases. Each project is manufactured according customer requirements and, thereafter, each step of production will be carefully followed and monitored in every detail.

Overview of the individual production phases of both gear types:

  • Raw material procurement
  • Various stages of production: burning, turning, broaching
  • Cylindrical - and bevel gear toothing
  • Heat treatment, deburring, grinding
  • Quality testing

All Montek employees are striving for perfection. The major effort is put into the development of new first class products.

Furthermore, reliable and expert suppliers supported Montek for all the production phases, which are not followed internally. Design and offer of leading top quality products are the result of a successful cooperation with partners and customers. Consequently, Montek S.r.l continues its constant development and expansion throughout Europe.

Montek Srl

Address: Guido Rossa, 11 - 40053 Valsamoggia (Bo) Località Monteveglio

Telephone: +39 051 832878

Fax: +39 051 830694

Email: sales@monteksrl.it

PEC: amministrazione@pec.monteksrl.it
R.E.A. Bologna 251589 - CAP. SOC. € 15.500,00 int. vers.
Registro Imprese Bologna e Codice Fiscale 02104070376
P. IVA IT00548161207

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