Department: Straight- cut bevel gears

Today, the production area for straight- cut bevel gears is fitted out with 25 machines, including 15 robotic machine tools.
Montek S.r.l. guarantees its customers maximum production versatility and a quick and prompt delivery.
Continuous investment in machinery and automation and the constant upgrading of his plant enabled the Group to increase the production capacity.
In this department, Montek S.r.l. is specialized in the production of bevel gears.
Flexibility and reliable production are the basis for a secure and efficient final product.

The straight- cut bevel gear department is composed as follows:

  • Gear- cutting machines Gleason 104 working with anthropomorphic robots
  • Hand gear- cutting machines Gleason 104

Gleason Gear- cutting machines covers the following areas:

  • Workpiece diameter max.: 216 mm
  • Module min.: 1,5 – max.: 8,5
  • Generator radius max.: 108 mm
  • Face width max.: 35 mm
  • 3 Gleason Tester, you find also an angular tester.

Montek S.R.L. specifically uses only gear- cutting machines of the same brands, on the one hand to be able to optimize the offered services, and on the other hand, to satisfy promptly customers‘ demands (in compliance with the possible parameters).

Montek Srl

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Telephone: +39 051 832878

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R.E.A. Bologna 251589 - CAP. SOC. € 15.500,00 int. vers.
Registro Imprese Bologna e Codice Fiscale 02104070376
P. IVA IT00548161207

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